Elevating child care excellence through strategic acquisitions, ensuring the best start in life for all children.

Join North America’s Best Child Care Network

At Busy Bees, operating in over 150 exceptional childcare centers across Canada and the USA, we are passionate about early childhood education. We understand the significance of the business you've built, and we're excited to embark on an acquisition journey with you.

Our commitment to partnering with childcare centers of all sizes, whether big or small, sets us apart. We recognize that each center has its own unique strengths and qualities, and we are dedicated to enhancing these attributes as we welcome your center into the Busy Bees family.

The acquisition process is smooth and supportive. We work closely with you to ensure a seamless transition, providing the resources and guidance needed to make the integration process as easy as possible. We're excited to explore the possibilities of working together and to further elevate the standard of early childhood education across North America.

Our Acquisition Process

The acquisition process we follow is designed to be smooth and supportive. We collaborate closely with you to facilitate a seamless transition, offering the necessary resources and guidance to simplify the integration process as much as possible.


Discovery Call

Let's chat! Our team is passionate about early childhood education. We'll have a confidential conversation to see if your business aligns with our vision and discuss next steps.


Align Goals

You'll work closely with a trusted advisor at Busy Bee's. Together, we'll ensure that your goals match ours and that you understand the process ahead.


Confidential Exchange

Both teams will sign an NDA to ensure mutual trust. You'll feel confident sharing information while knowing your team won't learn about the potential sale.


Smooth Transition

We'll make plans to visit your space and review your curriculum. If it fits within our vision, we'll move forward. We then gather key financial data, make an offer, and finalize the purchase agreement.

Begin the Acquisition Process Today

At Busy Bee's, we possess strong funding that enables us to accommodate unique needs and present compelling offers tailored to your childcare center.

If you are the owner of high-quality early education centers and considering the possibility of selling, we invite you to engage in a confidential conversation with us. We understand that this is a significant decision, and we value the importance of privacy and trust.

We make the acquisition process simple and supportive, ensuring a bright future for both your childcare center and our shared commitment to exceptional early childhood education.